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As a professional supplier of electronic smoking products, greeninnov.com brings you a great variety of high quality, competitively priced electronic cigarettes direct from the original prime factory, Smoore. We ship to more than 50 countries, and you don’t have to be a huge company t...
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10 PCS 10ML E-Liquid (Free shipping)  
10 PCS 10ML E-Liquid (Free shipping)
-10PCS 10ml E-liquid,we have more than 50 flavors for your choice.Normal cigarette flavor we have four nicotine density High(24mg),Medium(18mg),Low(12mg),Zero(0mg). Ruyan flavor we have High(22mg),Medium(16mg),Low(10mg),Zero(0mg). Our Fruit flavor,we have High(16mg),Medium(11mg),Low(6mg),Zero(0mg).Others flavor,High(16mg),Medium(11mg),Low(6mg),Zero(0mg)
Item Code: 10ML E-liquid Weight: 0.00g
RRP: $43.00€0.00£0.00 Member Price: $31.25€0.00£0.00
Nicotine Density:
Stock: 10000 PCS

If you want to try different kinds of flavors and nicotine density of our Greeninnov.com E-liquid, not only one flavor, you can leave us message in three ways:
1.When you order, please leave message on your order.
2.You can add our MSN or Skype, and then directly tell us.
3.At the same time, you can send email to us greeninnov@gmail.com
Hope you will have a nice trip on Greeninnov.com E-liquid E-shop.

Marlboro / USA Mix,  Camel / Desert Ship,  Hilton / Hillington,  555/State Express / 3&5,  Virginia,  Tobacco,  Dunhill / Deluxe tobacco,  KENT / SECWinston / Wensten, Septwolves / 7 Wolves, Blended (DK-TAB),  Turkish Tobacco(Blend), Mild Seven / My seven,  B & H (Benson & Hedges) / Gold & Silver,  French Pipe / FPF,  Cigar,  Parliament / Congress, Cuba Cigar, Flue Cured Tobacco, Newport / Nport

Menthol,  MintAppleBanana,  Strawberry,  Grape,  Pineapple,  Lemon, Pomegranate, Cherry,  Orange, Mandarin, Mango, Health Pear, Juicy peach, Watermelon, Menlon, Kiwi, Coconut, Litchi, Almond,  Migua, Shaddock, Fruit mix, Cocoa, Vanilla, Spearmint, Rose, Osmanthus fragrans, Licorice, Clove/Lilac, Jasmine , Fennel, Blueberry, Greengage
Ruyan flavor:RY1, RY2, RY3, RY4

OTHERS FLAVOR: Concentrated fragrance, Light fragrance,  
Coffee ,  Chocolate, Dr. Pepper / Pepper, Cream, Toffee / Caramel, Gingseng, Double Mint / Green Mint, Rum, Cappuccino, Peanut butter, Chocolate cream,  Coca Cola / Red Cola, Pepsi Cola / Blue Cola,  Red Bull / Energy cow, Lamberti / Lambti, Vitamin A/B/C/D,  Whisky Taste,  Champagne , Coenzyme Q10, Brandy / bandi, Black Tea,  Green Tea

E-Liquid is easy to use, follow the instructions below
--Remove your
electronic cigarette cartridge
--Place 1-4 drops in your empty or blank 
e-cig cartridge
--Place only one drop of
e-liquid on the atomizer
--Reassemble the cartridge on the

--You're done!  That's it

 --Made from only the purest raw ingredients and flavored with approved food.
 --Safe flavorings and natural flavors.
 --Best tasting and best quality e liquid nicotine you can buy. 
--Strict standards and every batch we make is quality tested.

E-Liquid is dangerous if swallowed.  It is an extremely concentrated form of nicotine.  Keep away from children.It is recommended that people who are under the age of 18 years, have a demonstrated sensitivity to nicotine, pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have unstable heart conditions, should discuss the use of any Electronic Nicotine Delivery device with a doctor or nurse before starting.

Shipping Method: Registered Air Mail

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